Your business is in the



This chart represents the 8 key areas of business and measures your relative strength or weakness in each area. Farther from the center indicates more strength, and closer to the center means these areas need improvement.

For example, a large blue octagon indicates that you have balanced strength in all areas, and the speed of growth for your company will start to depend more on high-level strategic decisions then on day-to-day execution.

A small blue shape means that you are just starting out, and it is critical to build the assets, components, and resources in the business in the right order to minimize risk and increase your chances of success.

Distorted or irregular shapes indicate an imbalance of strength and weakness which means that there is significant untapped potential value in your business that is blocked by important steps you may have overlooked.

{Strength description}

{Weakness description}


{Category Name}

{Oct 20}

{Reach out to your genies and give them something}

{Category Name}

{Oct 17}

{Who could help you the most right now?}

{Category Name}

{Oct 3}

{Update your contacts with your calendar and email}