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In this program, I will receive access to all of the following:

  •  6 month online membership to the most advanced education platform available that will meet you where you are with a custom plan for growing your business step by step.
  •  Access to the entire library of everything we’ve ever done in the area of Entrepreneurship, Transformation, and Growth. Like a searchable MBA for entrepreneurs.
  •  Once a month MasterClass Coaching Calls hosted and facilitated by Bryan Franklin and Jennifer Russell.
  •  Get step-by-step mentorship from industry experts like Eben Pagan (Marketing), Paul Sutter (Investors and Funding), John Hamm (Leadership), and many others. as they share their keys to success.
  •  An Advisory Board of your peers that works with you throughout the program.
  •  Access to the video footage from our 2-Day Live Kick Off Event which happened in March.


I will also get these BONUSES included in the Mind Money Meaning Program:

  •  Bonus #1: 1 Ticket to the Annual MMM Freedom Retreat- Get an exclusive invitation to the 3-Day Annual Freedom Retreat where the Mind Money Meaning community comes alive. Every attendee is given the opportunity to present, sharing your wisdom and experience – forming lasting bonds that could alter the course of your business and your life. ($5000 Value)
  •  Bonus #2: Witness the Birth of a Bestseller- Weekly conference calls starting in November. Listen in on the live conversations that will become the next business book published by Penguin Authors Michael Ellsberg and Bryan Franklin.
  •  Bonus #3: 8-Week Feminine Leadership Training- Learn how to use your feminine qualities to inspire action, achieve real world results, and command respect without sacrificing your values or self expression.

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This is an agreement between Mi Contra Fa, Inc., d/b/a/ California Leadership Center, (“CL”) and the Participant (“Participant”).Mind, Money, and Meaning is a year long program (“Program”) comprised of a membership to which contains online training, monthly coaching calls, and online access to the community of Program participants.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Participants who successfully complete the Program will receive information and experiences conducive to the starting and building of an entrepreneurial endeavor.
  2. Payment to CL is due according to the payment schedule selected:
    1 payment of $2997 or 6 payments of $585.00 due once every 30 days
    Participant agrees to make all payments.
  3. Participants are expected to access the online resources found on and attend the monthly coaching calls offered. Failure to access the membership site or absences from the calls are not grounds for non-payment.
  4. Participants with a late or outstanding balance will not be permitted to access future content or attend upcoming calls or live events until their payments are up to date.
  5. CL has a refund period ending 45 days after the live kick off event held each year at the beginning of March. If for any reason the participant doesn’t feel that the program will provide value within that 45 day period, the Participant can request a full refund. Participants must must notify CL in writing during this period explaining that they are electing to drop the program and are requesting a refund. Send this correspondence to or California Leadership 23 Regulus Ct Alameda, CA 94501 on or before the refund period date in order to be eligible for refund. After the refund period, the Participant acknowledges that all remaining payments are due. No refunds will be issued after this date.
  6. The Participant acknowledges that all course materials circulated are subject to copyright law. Participants shall not reproduce any course materials in whole or part without the express written consent of the copyright holder. In most cases, the copyright holder is CL. Participants may be exposed to copyrighted material not owned by CL.
  1. The Participant recognizes that CL does not make any warrants or guarantees about the Participant’s career or earning potential either during or upon completion of the Program.
  2. Participant shall complete the entire program.
  3. Participant acknowledges that the Program may be emotionally stressful and challenging. Participant is responsible for their own mental and physical safety and well being. Participant shall hold Bryan Franklin, Jennifer Russell, CL, it’s employees, directors, officers, contractors, parent companies, representatives, shareholders, volunteers, assigns and affiliates harmless against any and all losses, claims, damages and expenses.
  1. This Agreement represents the entire agreement and supersedes all prior agreements oral or written.


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